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The party game similar to CatchPhrase™ or Taboo™  (but with more features and modes!) *

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Play this exciting game with family or friends as you try to describe and guess the correct phrases out loud to each other before time runs out!

PhoneFraze is the party game that is always with you!

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PhoneFraze – Free
This version has most of the functionality, but a smaller word list with only one available category.

PhoneFraze – University Edition – $1.49
University Edition has a college word list theme, and allows the user to download and play many of the other FREE theme packs off of the market.  The game play buttons are twice as large as the free version.

PhoneFraze Pro – $3.99
The Pro version comes loaded with thousands of phrases with many categories and also allows the user to download some theme packs that the university edition can access.
The game play buttons are twice as large as the free version.

DOWNLOAD THE .APK DIRECTLY to Your Phone: Click Here!


Open the Google Market App and search for “phonefraze”


Scan the ‘QR Code’   What is a QR Code Scanner?

How To Play:

* Three or more players get in a circle

* Each Person describes or gestures the phrase on the screen

(no rhyming or spelling)

* If the phrase is too hard, press “New Word”

* After phrase is guessed correctly, pass the phone

* The next person presses “Got It” and play continues

* Round ends when the buzzer sounds!

There are 3 Game Modes:


* Basic – the person left holding the phone loses!

* Scramble – the team NOT holding the phone at buzzer gets a point

* Heads Up – 1 Point per correct phrase to the “heads up” team

At the end of a round, the game will automatically score, however scores can be modified.

Advanced Scoring:

* If the other team guesses the phrase that their opponents were trying to get

after the buzzer sounds they earn 3 points!

* If someone spells, ryhmes, or says the phrase then they lose a point for their team

* If someone skips a word during play, then they lose a point for their team

Release Notes:

Version 2.0 – January 20, 2010

  • initial release on the Android Market

Version 2.1 – February 3, 2010

  • Released ‘Genius Edition’ Theme

Version 2.2 – February 16, 2010

  • Released ‘Pro Football’ Theme

Version 2.3 – March 19, 2010

  • added option to load your own music

* PhoneFraze and are not affiliated with Hasbro, the makers of the CatchPhrase™ game.