Android in the Mobile OS War

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Considering that Symbian, WinMo, Apple, Android, WebOS, and RIM are all strong competitors… it will be very interesting to see how business decisions made by the powers at the top of those platforms impact the technology implementations to which consumers clings.

An Early and Brazen Prediction:

->WebOS will be the first to fizzle out
->RIM will ultimately lose out as well unless they can make some radical changes across the board
->Symbian has the most market share to lose worldwide and they are being disrupted right now as Android seems to be rapidly spreading and growing in their parts of the global playpen
->Android will ultimately become the windows of the mobile world if Google plays their cards right
->Iphone will end up the same in the mobile world as they are the PC market, because they will never sway from their mantra of “Our Software, On OUR overpriced, highly marketed hardware – Love it or don’t”
->Microsoft will likely never give up on WinMo…

There you have it.  There are 6 that have entered the arena (and it is highly doubtful any more will enter) and if mobile OS’s follow a history parallel to the PC world, then it is likely only 2 or 3 will be left standing.  We are looking forward to watching this match shake out over the next 5 years!

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