Penny for your thoughts!

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The Mobile Worx has launched a limited time rebate offer for PhoneFraze Pro and PhoneCharades Pro in honor of Independence Day.

Please type this link into your Android phone browser to learn more:

[New Game] PhoneCharades is Released

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TheMobileWorx is pleased to announce the release of our second paid app, PhoneCharades Pro. It is a take on the traditional game of Charades with a few key improvements. The game features three distinct game modes and thirteen extensive word lists. Additionally, PhoneCharades has the same polished UI that turned PhoneFraze into one of the top paid apps. Within a week, there have already been over 1000 downloads of the free version of PhoneCharades, so check it out on the Google market.

New Theme Packs Hit the Market

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The development team for is proud to announce three new theme packs for PhoneFraze:

- World Cup
- Music
- Movies/TV

These add to the previously released Superbowl and Genius Editions.  We are working hard on coming up with new themes, so expect more to be added soon.

If you have an idea for a theme you would like to see, please let us know in the comments section or on our Facebook page and we’ll see what we can do!

PhoneFraze – The Game | Promote Your Page Too

PhoneFraze makes it into Top Paid Apps…

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We are pleased to announce that today while scouring through the other apps on the market that we found ourselves listed in the Casual Games : Top Paid apps section.  We were down on the list and have no idea how or why Google decides to push or pull apps to it, but we were very pleased none the less!  Here is a screen shot:

PhoneFraze ranks into top paid apps for casual games on Android Market

QR Codes will be everywhere soon!

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QR Codes On Weather Channel

Android in the Mobile OS War

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Considering that Symbian, WinMo, Apple, Android, WebOS, and RIM are all strong competitors… it will be very interesting to see how business decisions made by the powers at the top of those platforms impact the technology implementations to which consumers clings.

An Early and Brazen Prediction:

->WebOS will be the first to fizzle out
->RIM will ultimately lose out as well unless they can make some radical changes across the board
->Symbian has the most market share to lose worldwide and they are being disrupted right now as Android seems to be rapidly spreading and growing in their parts of the global playpen
->Android will ultimately become the windows of the mobile world if Google plays their cards right
->Iphone will end up the same in the mobile world as they are the PC market, because they will never sway from their mantra of “Our Software, On OUR overpriced, highly marketed hardware – Love it or don’t”
->Microsoft will likely never give up on WinMo…

There you have it.  There are 6 that have entered the arena (and it is highly doubtful any more will enter) and if mobile OS’s follow a history parallel to the PC world, then it is likely only 2 or 3 will be left standing.  We are looking forward to watching this match shake out over the next 5 years!

PhoneFraze – Game for Android Phones, more fun than CATCHPHRASE(tm)

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Android Launcher Icon

TheAndroidWorks is pleased to announce the impending official release of our first FREE Android App into the Google Android Market:  PhoneFraze Lite

This game is a ground-up design that players of the popular electronic game Catchphrase ™ will shine and greatly enjoy.  It features three distinct modes of game play, upgradeable word list categories, a polished user interface, 100% original sounds/graphics, and extremely sophisticated game logic.

To view more details about the game please click here Begins!

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Launch Day!

We are pleased to announce ourselves as a collective new player in the Android development community. is now up and running… please be patient with us as we fill out the who’s, what’s, where’s, and when’s about our various projects delving into the world of ANDROID!